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rocky road, which will test not only your patience but your faith in your ambition and yourself at every turn. thing is holding you back. Books can help you identify the things that are holding you back and help you generate ideas. According to John Lehrer, “Nevertheless, every mental talent comes with a tradeoff. Once we learn to inhibit our impulses, we also inhibit our ability to improvise. And this is why it’s so important to practice letting ourselves go.” According to him, achieving your goal and unlocking the characteristic of creativity inside a human mind takes determination, and if you follow a detailed process, reveal- ing your imagination will be as easy as breathing. Sometimes, you realize that you can do more, but you feel that some Problem solving, lateral thinking, concept-connection, and deci- sion-making skills can all be attained by reading the right books. If you know what to look for, finding it will become easy. Looking in all the right places will make you realize that if you seize the moment at the right time, you can have many doors open for you. All of those creative juices flowing through your brain will make the whole process of achieving your ambi- tions worth it. Not only that, but books can teach you how others before you got to the point of greatness and what mistakes they made. They also teach you what they did right, to be the leader in their industry. Finding the truth about world philosophy and the secret to success can be the deciding factor between success and failure. 30