Authorship - Page 30

Books Make You More Creative Books have the ability to uncover the worlds that we never knew of. Books can expand our minds until we accept the full extent of reality. It does not matter if the book actually talks about expanding your horizons or sparking a fuse of creativity within your soul. Books offer the perfect blend of imagination, inspiration, creativity and motiva- tion. Books show you that there is nothing wrong with viewing the world differently or just being plain different from the rest of the world. ]\۸&]X]\Y[\YX\\Hܘ^K[\\›وܙX]]]H[HYۚ]YBZH[\ۈ\[&\Bو[܈HXZ[X[BZHۘ\ۘ\۸&\B\]YH[قY[B[XX[K][ܙ\܈[HHܙX] [B]HY][][Y[HZ\܈][\YBܛ XX\H[X[HܙX]ܙ[^][ۜ\BHZ[[و[H™Y&]\H][HZYX][K^H\H[YX[Y\]^HY&]]H\[\YZ\ܙX]]]HHB\ۚYX][ۈوܙX]\š][[XX[H[[\YH[X[ [\ܙX]]]K[[[H]]و[\YܝۙKYKB[Y\[HXY[H[BZY][\\H[\[H\X\[[]]^H\HX[HZ]][B][HZY]HXYYܙK[XZH[B]\HوHX[]Y\B[X[Z[\\[XܚY\˂[ܙ[ݙ\\\\[XۛY[HX]B]X\\[HBZY[[ۙK]8&\œ]\ZHH[\HYHۈ