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Sure, talking about the weather and sports is alright if you want them to fall asleep even before the appetizers are served. But, if you want the mood to be lively and buzzing, start a conver- sation with whatever book you have read and encourage the guests to share their views on the subject. Discussing the Mines of Moria and if Gandalf was really a Maier, is a topic of conversa- tion which is much better than “if it’s going to snow much this year”. Not only that, if you aren’t really interested in discussing fictional stories with your guests, then who wouldn’t want to know what the Black Matter really is. Reading informative books and discussing a mind-blowing piece of infor- mation is what will get the evening started. Before you know it, people will be arranging to swap books that they haven’t read yet. Talking about books is not the only thing that you can do though. Arrange a book club gathering, a book swap party or a book reading session. Bring all the book lovers together and prepare to be crowned as the King or Queen of the Nerds. Whether you decide to read Andre Dubus III's House of Sand and Fog, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Sara Maitland's Ancestral Truths, Frederick Busch's Girls, or James Buchan's The Persian Bride, you will be remembered as a memorable host, who broke free from the norms of boring diner conver- sations and canapés, and introduced the new book culture. 28