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Books Offer a Glimpse into Other Cultures and Places Books expose you to new cultures, people, and traditions, without leaving the comforts of your own home. Traveling can take you to exotic places, but books can bring the world to you. You can feel closer to things that you have never imagined in your life to be true. Without getting your passport stamped, you can travel the world through the author’s imaginations. In books, you can travel to exotic places like Cairo, Italy, France, Athens and Barcelona. If you find your- self short of vacation money or time, and you still have the urge to travel to distant places, well, books are your ultimate ticket to that. Not only do they introduce the best or worst of every city, town or country, but they do so in a fun and interesting way. 25 The lively local characters make the whole plot of the book more interesting. Books like Chinese Cinderella and In the Time of the Butterflies make you realize that there is much more to the world than what the main- stream media portrays. What you see on the news is much different from what the place is really like. Sometimes you learn that people in other parts of the world are not so different from you. Despite the distance that separates you, you might find that your hearts beat as one. You sense adventure, fun and excitement, and your quest for truth and justice is a constant which prevails in the entire world. With books, you can discover that humanity is a common factor that unites the world, but what differentiates us is what makes us stronger. Getting to know other people makes us better human beings and gives us strength of character that wasn’t there before. Sometimes other cultures can intrigue you, fascinate you, or satisfy your curios ]H[Y][Y\^BZY][[K]\BXY\ܝ] ][ۛ›\[H[Z\YHܞB\H\^H][H[XZB\X]YH]][HYܙ] Y][Y\[H\H\[X^YHH\]YY\و[ۙ[[H\[Y\[H\B\[]YHHY\[HوB\\ۘX[\ˈ]\HܞB[\X\YY\[ž[\[[]XX