Authorship - Page 23

Some things are just out of your control and no matter how hard you stress over them you cannot control them. Reading books can teach you and make you realize that there are bigger and more drastic problems plaguing other people and that what you have is more than half of what most of the world popu- lation has at their expense. Books like Spirit Junkie: A Radi- cal Road to Self-Love and Mira- cles can make you appreciate what you have and value the life that you have been given. While you are reading a book, your attention is undivided and fixed on the particular storyline or character of the book, untainted by the distractions of the real world. This can help you forget the pain or suffering or even the fFwVRbW""&VFpFVG2VW&wB66VG&ЧFB&fFW2FRW&fV7@VFW'Fr&W7FRg&FPV&WFRbW"FǒƖfR&VFr&WBFR76V6F"ƗGFRv&vv0V&RFvF66&V6W6PbFƖ&vRR&V6ЦFRFR7F'BfW7BW'6V`VFǒBvF&ƖPFRVBvRR6&PG&7'FVBFFW"6RFR"WfVWBFWrRFvWB7B৖W"vF"GvVFPGv7G2BGW&2bFRVF&Ɩp7F'ƖRFB&WV&W2WfW'&@bW"GFVFrPf&vWB&WBFR7G&W72W ƖfR66&FrF&W6V&6'VfW'6Gb7W76W&VFr&2V6&RVffV7FfPFFrvƲ"Ɨ7FVrFW62&V6W6RFWWBPW&RFRWF.( 2vFB2'&FfRFvPf&vWGFr&WBW"vƖfRFVvB2W&VǒF7G&2ЧFBFV&'R`RVvvRW"vFBfW7BW"fVVƖw2&06BǒV6RW 7&VFfG'WBWfV7FVFRW FW&VB7FvRb666W6W72खbRfVVFBFR&&V2৖W"ƖfR&RvWGFrvWB`W"G2FV&VFr&2ƖR( Ē( '6&7F"BW6g6RR&VƗRFBvBP&RWW&V6r֖vBW7B&RƗGFR67WB7G&W76rfW"@2BvrFRFB&@6GVF72f7FW"F֖pW"w&VƖ'&66'66VR66W"7G&W70BVRG&W"'&FfB6FfGWfW'6GVFvBvB6FFR'F3BFW"fVVBF&VG2'6FW2FW"w&V@V&W2&FB&VGV6W07G&W72F&VvFR&VVG`VvFW"#