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Books Can Minimize Stress in No Time There must have been times in your childhood, when you hid under the blanket with a flash- light and read books like Little House under the Prairie and The Great Expectations. As you grew up, nights like these seem to grow rarer and rarer and now you barely get time to have dinner before you sleep. Reading a book before you catch up on your sleep can help you reduce 21 the stress of your everyday life, unpaid bills, family problems or even a bad breakup. With a book, you will find that each experience, perspective and every bit of knowledge can shape the way you see a particu- larly painful situation. Stressing about the unknown is a malady that affects many people. They are constantly worried about how bad a situation can turn in a very short amount of time. This is one of the reasons why they try to control all the variables, and are unsatisfied if they are unable to do just that. However, if you have spent even a few hours out in the real world, you would know that it is quite difficult to control or even know about all the variables in reality.