Authorship - Page 21

You have learned to grow past the insecurities and you have learned to forgive. You have learned to push through and move forward, because books have taught us that even when you face the gravest of situations, there is always another way to perceive it and find a solution for it. Changing your perceptions and transforming your life with books is not such a difficult thing. You don’t have to read thousands of books to change your outlook on life. In this case, reading more to get effective results don’t apply, because there can be just one book that can change how you perceive life. Some have not yet been exposed to the right book that will transform them, while some are lucky enough to find a narrative that speaks to them on a spiritual and personal level, thus changing their perceptions about life. Your view of life changes when you connect to a character in a book. You feel that their life is so similar to yours. Books cannot only help you connect with the character but also with the Zeitgeist, which is a reality that exists between worlds and can be yours one day. A book, written in another language, time, country, or culture, can still speak to your soul and mind. In a book, you can find a friendly existence, because you feel that there is someone, who is willing to share your dreams, pain, insecurities and struggles. Books comfort you into believing that you are part of something bigger and that you belong. With a book you feel like you are on the listening end of some- one’s conversation and the author is impart- ing something personal about himself to you. Having a new story, theory and feelings can give you access into the mind and life of another and getting to know another’s secrets can really flex your empathy and increase your capacity to connect with other human beings. 20