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Books Can Change Your Perceptions about Reality Books can become your constant companion during a particularly dark or boring time in your life, when you thought there was no point in living and you would rather put the covers over your head and hide from the world. Books can pull you out from a dark point in life, and guide you in the right direction or even teach you a valuable lesson that can help you reach your utmost potential. Books can help you articulate your emotional wellbeing, process your feelings and help you be courageous and find your voice and intellectual personality. Without books, you would not be the person you are today. Books, especially the good ones, have the power to change your perceptions about reality and life. They can make you look at a situa- tion and think differently about it, because you have read about a similar situation in a book. You start judging other people less, because books have taught you that there is no simple explanation to any situation and that there is always a side of a story that you are unfamiliar with. Judging others based on your limited imagination and information can be a recipe for disaster. Books have taught you that sometimes, bad people can do so much good and good people can become the bane of your existence. Books can change your life, make it better, and act as your North Star to guide you towards your destiny. Compar- ing yourself with a book character is not always imagination. If they can do something impossible and come out on top, why can’t you? If you read books regularly and evaluate yourself, you will be surprised to find out that just a few years before, you were a completely different person and now you don’t recognize the person that you have become. 19