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Contents Reading Can Make Your Brain Work Faster 6 Books Automatically Make You an Interesting Conversationalist 17 Books Can Increase Your Vocabulary 7 Books Can Change Your Perceptions about Reality 19 Reading Can Make You Happier and Content 8 Books Can Minimize Stress in No Time 21 Reading Makes You a Nicer Person 10 Books Can Help You Be More Successful 23 You Enjoy Little Things in Life 11 Books Offer a Glimpse into Other Cultures and Places 25 Books Make You Appreciate Life 12 Books Make You a Better Host and Entertainer 27 Books Will Give You an Amaz- ing Sense of Wanderlust 13 Books Make You More Creative 29 Books Can Change Your Life 14 Books Can Change the Way You Think 31 Books Can Make You Smarter Than Your Peers 15 Books Can Help You Think Analytically 33 Books Can Inspire You to Do More with Your Life 16 Books Can Turn You into a Badass Woman 35