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Books Can Inspire You to Do More with Your Life There are some days, when you are ready to take on the world, and then there are some, when you have to do a mental workout to just get out of bed. If you think that your alarm clock is secretly your enemy, pulling you out of your deep slumber every morning, and throwing you into a world full of people ready to devour your positivity and self-ap- preciation, th en reading can make all of that go away (up to some extent, at least). Although read- ing won’t miraculously turn your life around (you have to do that yourself), it can help you get start- ed. If you are not willing to turn your life around and do much more with the time that you have been given, then no book, person or miracle can do that for you. “Books can give you the courage to paint, sing and even tell you to follow your heart” Changing your life and feeling inspired to do more with your life and passion is every one’s dream. But taking that first step is your responsibili- ty or rather the power of your mind that will take you forward in your life. Often in life we feel over- whelmed by the expectations of people around us and our menial responsibilities. We find ourselves revolving like the hands of a clock, not stopping, just going around the same routine over and over again. What if you really hate that accounting job you have, but can’t seem to want to leave and pursue your passion for Indie music, because you have bills to pay? Some people might even have a job they love, but crave some peaceful, quiet time where they can relax and unburden their soul and mind after a hectic day at work. Books can help you get closer to your objectives, if you know what to read. They can help you de-stress, make you inspired to do more with your life and simply make you look forward to another day at work. Books are the tools that can help you achieve a positive state of mind and help you to pay attention to where you are going in your life. The inspiring quotes and life stories of people in books can help you break the monotony of your daily life and to get out of the rut of responsibilities, thus taking that first step of courage required to bring you closer to your goal. Books can help you realize that all you need to do is slow down in life, take a deep breath and think about where you want to be after a few years in your life and where you see yourself. Do you want to get old, and realize that all you did for yourself is, get out of bed and sacrifice your precious time to earn money for paying bills and taxes? When you are old and frail, you will not feel guilty about the things that you did, but the things that you didn’t do. Books can teach you to pay more attention to converting your life from just surviving to actually living it. Books like, Down And Out in Paris in London by George Orwell and The Mandarins by Simone de Beauvoir, makes you want to do more than what you are currently doing. Books can help you ease and relax, when you are bouncing back and forth from being tired and wired, and are struggling to get out of the trap of every day responsibilities. Books can give you the courage to paint, sing and even tell you to follow your heart and make that long planned road trip. Travel the world, eat unusual food, live like a nomad, try a new fitness routine, change your eating habits, recover your energy, sleep better and gather cour- age to perhaps start a new business venture. My New Business: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Start-Up Success by Wendy Kerr tells us that even when you think that your idea to leave your sensible and secure job and go into the void of unexpected, is not smart, take the plunge. But nothing good and exciting ever happens when we are afraid and overly careful. Taking risks and those frightening first steps towards a new business venture can be an over- whelming idea, but with the right guidance and reading references, you can do that too. 16