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Books Can Make You Smarter Than Your Peers Learning is a process that continues for your entire life, and you start dying when you stop learning, or more specifically, your brain dies. Spending a lot of money to earn a degree, just so you can call yourself smart, is not the way to go about it though. You must have seen people who are wiser than people who possess more degrees than them. The reason for that is they don’t put their faith in the educational system just for the sake of getting a certificate. Rather they are generally more curious and are eager to learn new things. Finding a book that provokes your thoughts, pinches your mind, and makes you question the beliefs that you held true and close to your heart can be a terrifying experience for some. However, it can also be extremely satisfying to learn new things and finding a book that increases your knowledge and encourages you to think and learn in a new way. When you know that what you are reading is not going to turn into an assignment, class discussion or a test, you feel that you have the power to read it at your own pace, thus under- standing it with clarity. Learning a bit about ballistics, lightening, the DNA, the depth of the ocean and the quirky subject matter like a peri- odic table made out of cube shaped bricks, can be made quite interesting if you read “What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypotheti- cal Questions” by Randall Monroe. Books can teach us things that are pretty much within our expertise, but due to our fleeting memory have stuck to the far corners of our minds. There are books that can help you recover lost memoires, refresh the existing ones and improving it to retain information in the future efficiently. There are books that shed light on myths and fairytales and conspiracy theories and unexplained hap 15 penings around the world and offer scientific (if not logical) explanations for them. Books address compelling theories about universal questions and offer simplistic answers making us smart and bright in the process. If the author is able to answer the burning questions at the back of your minds with rigor and expertise, the unveiling of mysteries can reveal the true nature of myths and fantasies. Books will make you appreciate life as it is today. If you complain about the crowded subway or the long queues at Starbucks, some books will make you appreciate your life. Life in old times wasn’t that easy or nice and learning about our history will make us organized for the future. “Life in old times wasn’t that easy or nice and learning about our history will make us organized for the future.”