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Reading Makes You a Nicer Person “People who read books are socially and morally more adept” Excluding the time your friends got mad at you because you refused to hang out with them because you had a date with your latest hardcover, books have always contributed posi- tively to your personality and this is the reason why they are the best thing that ever happened to you. Literature can improve people and their minds, as well as their ability to cope with complex situations and emo- tions. Reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower will teach you it’s not bad being different from others and even if you are the most awkward person in real life, you can take a tip or two from literature to ace your social skills. People who read books are socially and morally more adept. What better way to understand people to read a book from other people’s perspective. What they think, how they feel and how they view the world and people in it. It gives you an uncanny ability to empathize with people. Empathy might be a valuable facet of a reader’s personality. Slow, rich and immersive reading also known as deep reading enhances your sensory detailing ability and your social and moral complexity. This is because reading does not just compre- hend the words on the pages, but it offers a distinctive experi- ence in which the reader has the power to feel or to remain aloof. He has the power to become attached to the characters on a personal level or to remain undetached. The illusion of metaphors and emotions helps readers to compare literary situations to the ones that they experience in their real life. before your eyes in the real world. And as a reader, if you have ever found yourself misty-eyed, because of a char- acter, this means that you have developed intense empathy which makes you susceptible to people’s emotions in real life too. Parts of the brain that are responsi- ble for han- dling emotion- al signals become active if you face a scene, which you have experi- enced before in the books, unfolding 10