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writer’s groups, and have also started to ensure their online presence. However, the problems with regard to conventional book publishing are still unresolved largely. Despite the challenges and drawbacks and seeing the old structures and procedures falling apart, large numbers of authors are forced to rely on the industry mainly because they do not have any alternative available. Although the advent and increasing popularity of paperless or e-books have made some people question the future of publishing industry, we are still to come up with a better and apposite alternative.  “Authorship” aims to ll this very gap. Although still an idea that needs to be pursued and put into practice, Authorship has the potential to transform the book industry. What Is Authorship? “Authorship” is a website platform that is going to be developed on the basis of the idea of decentralization of the internet and for this purpose the platform will make use of ‘Ethereum’. With the aim of providing a platform to authors, readers, publishers and even translators where they cannot only interact, but can also o er and avail services, Authorship is going to rede ne the book industry. It will allow authors to take charge of their work and the publishing process, get their works shared with large numbers of readers across the world and also make money on monthly basis. A Look into the Functioning Of the Decentralized Platform As mentioned earlier, Authorship is going to be developed using the Ethereum platform; one of the most fascinating and exciting experiments of the internet that is to ful ll the wide held dream of decentralizing the internet.