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author, even months later. In return, they get a full refund that is being deducted from the author’s share of revenue. The Long Process from Publication to the Launch Another problem for authors is to deal with the long time the traditional book publishing industry takes from reading the manuscript of a book to accepting it for publishing, from publication to distribution and then nally releasing the book for sale. The whole process usually takes somewhere around 18 to 24 months; this can be really frustrating for many authors. Summation All the problems and challenges authors face, mainly in the traditional book publishing industry, make book publishing a highly tiresome and less fruitful (at least materially) task. The drawbacks of the industry have made people to question its relevance and even existence in future. Are we truly near the end of the traditional book publishing? Not entirely perhaps, but it is expected that the emergence of new technologies, platforms and channels is surely going to change the book publishing industry. 5 Authorship – Readers and Writers Paradise Being an author does not solely mean working days and nights in solitude to put your ideas on paper, it never worked that way. But, in the rapidly changing scenario after the digital revolution, authors have started taking up more roles than ever. They have started taking charge of their work, have become more active by participating in conferences, workshops, trainings, readers and