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Being Discovered By Readers (In Case Of New Writers) Discoverability has become a huge concern for new writers ever since the disappearance of local retailers. Since they used to stock a large variety of books and not focused on best sellers only, they were the major channel through which readers found out about the new authors and books. Local retailers also played a great role in promoting local authors. The employees in the bookstores used to introduce and even suggest readers the books they did not know about. As the shelf space shrank with the disappearance of local retailers, the discovery of new authors and books became a challenge not only for the publishers, but for authors and readers as well. To many people’s dismay, the problem was not resolved even after the digital revolution took over the book industry. Discoverability is still as relevant an issue as it was prior to the advent of the information technology. Easy accessibility of the internet has resulted in information overload and increased competition. To gain the attention of online readers and being discovered among hundreds of thousands of writers and books require a di erent set of marketing strategies. It is the need for discovery that has given birth to a whole new eld i.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While publishers have been experimenting with various techniques to resolve the discoverability issue, they have yet to come up with a fool proof strategy. Getting Customers or the Fear of Selling Throughout the publishing and distribution process, one of the fears that linger in the author’s mind is the ‘fear of selling’. This fear of selling is associated with many other fears; what if the book does not get noticed in the plethora of available books out there? What if the author’s work fails to impress the audience and