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As a result, the gap between the publisher’s business interests and the author’s objectives continued to widen However, over time, this negatively a ected the business of books and lead to the emergence of the risk of publishing without the need of publishers. Digital revolution brought drastic changes in the book industry, changing the readers’ habits is only one of them. It also resulted in the disappearance of large numbers of bookstores throughout the world. Publishing industry received a major setback as the traditional books started being replaced by their paperless versions. At present, the book publishing industry is facing multiple new challenges, mainly due to the rapid growth of digital technology. The processes and methods of production and distribution have been rede ned, unlimited access to all types of content can easily be obtained and the formats and media have been dematerialized, to name a few. With the declining traditional role of a publisher, the industry is in a crisis that is highly likely to worsen if not addressed. Distribution There was a time when independent booksellers were taken over by the bookstore chains because of the lower distribution costs associated with the latter. That did not turn out to be everlasting though. The emergence of online retailers, along with the digital revolution, soon tempered the growth of those booksellers. With e-books and e-readers came digital distribution. However, it has been found out that despite the large numbers of e-books and e-readers, there is still a huge demand for traditional books. But, they are not readily available anymore, in many parts of the world. Poor distribution is one of the barriers in selling of traditional books. While major retailers have been playing a role in books distribution process, they usually stock only the best authors and the best sellers to make sure they are being sold quickly. This has created huge problems for the authors, particularly for the new ones as they lack channels to make their books accessible.