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4 Common Issues Faced By Authors Writing a book and getting it published is not as simple as it may appear to many people. In addition to dealing with the writer’s block, lack of productivity, occasional emotional breakdowns and compromised lifestyle during the book writing process, the writer has a lot more to deal with even after he/she has completed writing a book. These include: Getting the Book Published Ever since the emergence of publishing technology, publishers have been serving the intermediary role between the authors and readers. It is a bridge that helps authors making their thoughts and ideas readable by making them reach the targeted audience. But, like many other elds and industries, publishing industry is also challenged by the digital revolution and it has profoundly a ected the growth and development of publishing industry, over time. Publishing, at its core, is about dissemination of thoughts and ideas and this is why it had been considered as the re ection of a basic democratic ideal i.e. free ow of thought, for a long period of time. But, the idea was challenged and publishing industry was thought to lose its very essence as pro t earning became the key concern of publishers. This posed many challenges to the authors as the criteria for getting their work published changed. Publishing houses formulated their own policies, based on the idea of making as much money as possible, about the kind of work or the authors they would publish. Rather than publishers competing for the