Authorship White Paper Authorship-White-Paper - Page 12

While every book seller is ready to stock up the books of established and popular authors, those that are not considered ‘big names’ of the industry face huge troubles when it comes to distribution. As mentioned earlier, with the great decrease in the numbers of traditional brick and mortar local retailers, and the ever increasing competition, the discoverability has become a huge problem for new authors. This directly a ects the sales of their books. In the new authorship era, the problem will be taken care of by ensuring that equal opportunities are provided to all the authors on the platform irrespective of the status they enjoy. Conclusion A digital world that functions without the interference of third parties, censorship, downtime or fraud is a dream we all have had for long time. “Authorship” is a step towards making this very dream a reality. Although a lot more needs to be done for complete decentralization of the internet, the successful development of the website platform will prove the skeptics wrong who believe that this cannot be achieved in the real world. Furthermore, the authorship will rede ne the book industry. By bringing authors, readers, translators and publishers on the same platform, it will mark the beginning of a new era where the issues, challenges, and drawbacks of the traditional book industry will no more be present to make writing and reading books di cult. Authorship promises a more book friendly future for readers and authors all over the world. Also, it will create many work opportunities for the publishers and translators as well. The website platform is one thing that we all should look forward to and play our part into making it a reality.