Authorship White Paper Authorship-White-Paper - Page 11

o ers (low process), but the authors will also have the option to choose the best from a variety of publishers. Authorship will also bring amazing opportunities for all the language experts out there. A lot of authors want their books to be translated into one or more languages so that more and more people, all over the world, can read them. However, many cannot make it happen because they have access to only a limited number of translators who usually charge high amounts of money for the work. At authorship, the authors will be connected to large numbers of translators al ݙ\Hܛ X[[\H\]]]HX\ˈHX[HHH[Bو]\H[]Y[H\YHH]]܈[H[]܋[H\ ][X\[HHZY]]HZ[Hو\[ۙHوHY\[[\]]ܜXHKK]Z\[Y[\X]Y ܙX]B[Y\\\Y\ܝ[]Y\܈[]ܜ[ۛXXY\]]X\ L ]]ܜH[ݙ\Hܛ ]]ܜ\\[\X[B[ٛܛHH[\K[]]Z\[X]\\][X\[HH[Y\HXY\[ܚ]\&H\Y\K[]]][ۚ^HH[\O”X\[’[H۝[[ۘ[X\[[\KX\\\B]H[Y[Y[\][ۋ[HۛHHX\\\H[\X\H[\\\]HœX\Y[XXHXY\]]ܜ\HܘY˜\H]Z\[X[YX\[[\XY\›XZHZ\ܚXX\H\وXY\˂[Hܛو]]ܜ\ H[\[H]X\\š]HY[[Z[[HH\Hۙ[YH[H[Y B][H۝[\HوZ\ܚ[]]ܜ&Hۈ[H]ܛB[ܘHHX\[\[Y\YH\]Z\XY\[]\™]ܚ[X\[ۙ^K\X][ۋ\ݙ\H[[\