Authorship White Paper Authorship-White-Paper - Page 10

Authorship aims to simplify the book publishing process by giving all the authorities to the author. When an author publishes a book at the platform, he/she enjoys all the rights and does not have to comply with the complex policies of publishers, worry about the distribution or share the major chunk of royalties with the publishing company. Also, it aims to o er guaranteed monthly payments to the rst 100,000 authors that will register at the website platform. The platform will run using virtual currency called “ATS tokens” (Authorship tokens). A total of 100 million tokens will be issued. 20% of the tokens will be reserved for the rst 100,000 authors whereas the remaining 80% will be distributed among the investors. The reserved 20% will be distributed among the authors on monthly basis, after a predetermined schedule. In addition to this, it will allow authors to publish their books for free and still earn the tokens. This will be made possible by publishing advertisements in the authorship’s reading apps. To get their products and/or services publicized, advertisers will be required to buy tokens. These tokens will then be added to the collection reserved for authors. In addition to helping authors getting their works published and being sold across the world, authorship will be a platform for readers, publishers and translators as well. Using the real money, readers will buy the ATS tokens which they can use to purchase both e-books and printed books. When it comes to getting the hard copies of books published, authorship will revolutionize the publishing industry by reversing the typical scenario where the authors have no option, but to compromise on money, as the publisher takes the most pro t, to get their books published. Rather than making authors look for a publishing company, the platform will make publishers compete among themselves to get the rights for publishing a book. Whenever a reader will order a printed book on authorship, all the interested publishers on the platform will forward their quotes for printing the book and delivering it to the reader. This will give birth to a competitive environment where not only the publishers will be forced to come up with more realistic