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A tlas was one of the legendary

Titans battling Zeus . After his defeat Atlas was sentenced to carry the Earth on his mighty shoulders till the end of time ... The Atlas of our armillary dial is carrying the entire universe . That ’ s to say the known Renaissance universe . The Earth was believed to be at its center . Gracefully intertwined silver rings represent trajectories of heavenly bodies around the Earth . In all aspects ethereal , myth combined with science , fable with historic fact .
u intricate collection of bronze and chrome expertly intertwined to represent the rings of the universe
u brass rings , expertly aged to bronze finish
u aluminium cast Atlas statue , antique patina
u reproduced from 18th C . original
u heavyweight polished granite base GL051 18th C . Atlas Armillary
Ø 25.5 x 56cm , 10 x 22 ”
GL052 Bronze Armillary Dial
Ø 18.5 x 36.5cm , 7.5 x 14.5 ”