Australia's Ultimate Marketing Technology Almanac Apr 2016 - Page 8

DeBellis argues that there will be a lot more focus on personalised content; getting the most relevant content to the right person at the right time, and served on the right device. “This is an extremely complex goal, but the platforms and technology are already there. We see leaders in this space advancing rapidly once they commit to this organisational goal.” A CHANGING MIX Content types and content channels are changing, and this is creating new challenges for marketers. “It’s no question that mobile has changed the game, but even as recently as a couple of years back there was a rush to quickly build and push apps to market, with little to no thought on how to create value beyond the launch,” says DeBellis. 008 “Today, we’re seeing that it’s no longer acceptable to just simply have a web or mobile presence. Being engaging and useful to the customer should be the end goal. To this end it is important to have the content linked to mobile apps or web analytics to measure what is working and what is not.” management and distribution is much more practical that it was three years ago.” Video is also playing an ever increasing role in the corporate context mix. “More and more people are consuming video on mobile, which has historically been time consuming and expensive to get to market. Now companies need to be able to produce videos in a more nimble fashion in short and long form.” “We want to watch the internet not just read it and as humans we are built to give and receive stories – video allows us to do that better than anything else.” He says that if companies are not producing and managing video content, particularly on mobile, then they are missing the boat. Telstra’s Bateman sees video as a critical part of the content mix. But as content sources and channels expand, businesses also need a way to tame the insatiable hunger of the content beast. Content management platforms offer that promise but there are significant impediments that introduce risk into the proposition. “The capability of wireless broadband and wifi technology has meant that video content, Those challenges are cultural, economic and technological.