Australia's Ultimate Marketing Technology Almanac Apr 2016 - Page 7

ALLAN PARKER’S NEW PROGRAM! Allan Parker PEAK PERFORMANCE 7TH & 8TH JUNE 2016 SYDNEY Negotiation for Change and Leadership OTHER PROGRAMS SCHEDULED IN 2016 Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills 19TH & 20TH May 2016– Sydney The Negotiator’s Toolkit 11TH & 12TH May 2016 – Sydney 9TH & 10TH June 2016 – Sydney Community Consultation Negotiation 5TH & 6TH May 2016 – Canberra 11TH & 12TH July 2016 – Sydney To register for any of these exciting programs or for more information please contact Kimberly either by email: or via phone +61 2 9331 7335 The missing link in managing change and leadership is the art of negotiation and sensitive, considered and precise conversations. This new program brings the latest findings in neuroscience to business leadership and managing it i \[[[ZX˜[KX\H\YHو K  ]Z[XH[[ M]\[ MX\H\ YH H K  [YH H K  ܛ\ ܈[ܙHY\[BX\H\ YH H L  \\ۂܛ\ ܈[ܙHY\[B[YH H K  \\ۂ˔PR B ‚