Australia's Ultimate Marketing Technology Almanac Apr 2016 - Page 3

CHAPTER 9: Content management WORDS: ANDREW BIRMINGHAM Achieving content-ment ach year Telstra runs its Vantage conference for business and enterprise customers. Over 4000 guests attend during the three days of the event and between them they consume as many as 150 presentations. E It is a huge undertaking requirement sophisticated oversight and a tight schedule to keep the information flowing. But for a company the scale of Telstra, it is barely a drop in the content management ocean. And of course the problem doesn’t end when the lights are turned off after the last delegate has gone home. If anything it is only getting started. Every one of those presentations is a piece of content that might fulfil another need at some point in the future, says the Telco giant’s director of segment marketing Andy Bateman. It is a problem familiar to many managers in corporate environments – content is king across the board and not simply in digital marketing. For anyone looking for a silver bullet solution to the content marketing conundrum, Bateman has a piece of cautionary advice. “There is no silver bullet. You might think you can build a 003