Australia's Ultimate Marketing Technology Almanac Apr 2016 - Page 12

CONCLUSION End of the line WORDS: ANDREW BIRMINGHAM It’s October 2019. Congratulations, you’re the CMO of Beige Corp. You sell widgets. But holding on to your job secure means moving a lot of widgets through the channel and into the hands of those rapaciously greedy and disloyal customers you know and love so well by Christmas. Relax. We are only kidding on that last part. But only the last part. Every thing else it can already do today. All that’s missing is the auto-magical integration at the very top level. Marketers will become more reliant on the machine and machine learning, on data and the insights it offers and on algorithms to drive business outcomes. ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL WINNERS In the past you had so much to worry about. That’s why the picture painted above is not so far away from the world we live in today. (And yes we tested it with some of the most senior leaders in the global martech space today though they were a little shy about acknowledging the end game given some of the implications). It all starts with the customer. You built a brand, filled the funnel, generated direct response, manually plotted all those customer journeys, drilled through the data for insights and hoped those highly paid, oddly dressed data scientists in the back room might actually work out what the customer wanted before the customer could worked it out for themselves. Life is so much easier, now. Fire out your dashboard, type in your budget and the name of the product – and head out to lunch and let the machine do all the work. It will even get the widgets on the trucks and plot the fastest path to the customer before the customer even knows they are going to purchase. It knows who has bought widgets in the past, when they are likely to buy them again, and in what volumes. (It even knows when they are likely to break allowing you to sell a widget subscription service – and we know how much the markets love those predictable annuity revenues). It knows where to find the people who look like the people who buy widgets. It will choose the messaging, produce the creative design, book, execute, monitor and report on the advertising, write or source the content you need for social channels, ensure all parts of the supply chain are operating at maximum efficiency, and adjust to meet any changed mark ]\[\[\˂]ZY][ۙX[\\ܛX[H]Y]˂ LHZ\[[\H[]\[]ܛHYB[HXY]\]]\Z[˂܈[HY[\[X\][[YX[X[YX\HX[]H\]]\Hۜ[Y\\HX[[\\[H]Z[\Y][XY\ݚYB\Y\]^[ܙ[\H\X]H܈\X\ \\\ۈ[[[\\ˈZ\X\\H[\YYYYX[[[[[YH[YZ[^B]Hۈ^H\HYZY] ]\[X[X[[X[YX\]H]YHXY[\X\[\ٛܘH^Z[‘^X\]܈ܘXH^Z[\ۜ\˂][X]][\H\H]\[Hޙ[قX[\X[\[[ۈH[۝H\\˜\HX\][XXܜۜY]\˜\[H[\HYXK[HXۛZX[Y]وY][[ٛܛX][ۈ\[HXܝYHHۜ[Y\X\][XX[XYؙKܘXK[\ٛܘH[X\]]HH\HX\[Bو\HH]\H\XY[\[B[ܙX\[[\\[و\H\[Y\]B[HY\X\[H][[ܜܘ]\HܛوYX[[[]X\X\]Y[HوZ\[[ ]\ܝ\[ۈ\]۝[YK[ܙH[B[[ۈY][]]\[[Hؘ[Xۛ^B[H^][YX\[^H[[\Hܛ\HZ\\X^X][ۜو\XH[\ۘ[\][ۈ[^YY[][X\]\™H][HXYHY[[XY[KXܙ[\X\HX[^H[\[B\]X\L HوH[Y]و\ܝ\[ۈ[\[H]و\Y\[HܛHق]YY ݙ\H\ L[۝QPK[X ML]H]YY\H[HܛقX\][XH\H]H[Y]\]\[Xx&\[\Z[]HZYH8$BQPH\\Y\[X[X˂[[[Y]YۚYX[HHH[K^H\H]\[ܛYYX]Z\\Y\[]\YܙK[Y^H\H[[XZBH[\Y[[]ܛK[\X\H[\X[]H]XوHX[ۈ]Y[œ\\[[\XH[H[[Z[]Y \[][YHH[H]H[\Y]Y]HۛHXYH[ܙHۛ[Y X\][X[YXݚYB^[ܙ[\H[\[H\[[\ZYۂ