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AAS AGM / MARCH 29th 2017

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designated or approved by the Management Committee, except such sum in cash theamount of which will be fixed by the Management Committee from time to time to meet petty cash expenses on behalf of the Association, (d) keep an accurate account of all monetary transactions, (e) render such financial reports or statements to be submitted at each Management Committee Meeting and an Annual Statement of Income and Expenditure for the year ended 31st December and Balance Sheet as at 31st December of each year for submission to the Annual General Meeting.”

6. To insert a new Clause in the Constitution: β€œAll AAS Representatives including Management Committee members, Auditors, Council of Advisors, Employees and Contractors must abide by the AAS Code of Conduct. Any changes to this Code of Conduct must be approved or amended at a Members General Meeting.”

7. A proposed amendment to Clause XI(4) was not carried and it remains unchanged as β€œ The President shall act as Chairperson at all General and Management Committee meetings and shall have a casting vote. He/She shall also represent the Association in its dealings with outside persons."

Any Other Business

There was no other business.

Dated this 29th March 2017

Irene Ho


Australian Alumni Singapore

questions and answers

All questions asked on the evening from the floor are important but were not within the Rule of Order of the meeting. They were received throughout Receiving of the Annual Report presentation and the Voting of the Constitution. Therefore, as per Corporate Communications best practice they are being included here for your reference. In addition, in the interests of ensuring good governance and transparency, we invite all members to share any further questions with the Management Committee before Friday 7th April 2017, 5pm.

All questions including those asked on the floor will be answered in a formal Q&A that will be published in a Members only access point on Friday 14th April 2017.

Questions from the floor will be addressed in this published Q&A. They included:

What is our procurement process?

What was the procurement process to elect the Secretariat?

Who hired the Secretariat?

Why have we not gone out to the market for 3 quotes for our Secretariat?

Why is our Secretariat paid a commission fee for all Memberships/Sponsorships?

Did the MC sign off on the Constitution and Code of Conduct before it was presented for the AGM?

Are non-Singaporeans or non Permanent Residents allowed by law to hold office in AAS?

Moving forward the AAS will have a quarterly 1 hour live Members session and a 24 hour official Members - MC Q&A period in the interests of good governance and transparency.