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INSOVER TA 60 LLE M D G ILLI LO ON BA LLY It’s modern, it’s Geberit. TODAY’S MODERN BATHROOM IS A STYLISH SANCTUARY AND CONCEALING THE TOILET CISTERN WILL ASSIST IN ACHIEVING A MORE AESTHETIC RESULT. Imagine a sleek expanse of wall where a bulky cistern would usually be. What was purely functional can become an elegant tribute to minimalism with Geberit’s selection of concealed cisterns and flush buttons. Choose from circular, rectangular or oval-shaped button designs and from endless colour options. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND With bathrooms shrinking, any plumbing that can be kept out of sight is a big plus! Geberit toilet cisterns sit behind the wall, concealing pipework and plumbing. > Save space in the bathroom by concealing the cistern behind the wall > Rich palette of colours and designs for flush plates > 10-year warranty and 25-year spare part availability > Sustainable and water saving – 4.5/3L flush 4 Star > Fits any approved manufacturer’s toilet pan > Easy maintenance through the flush plate for more information visit →