Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 32 No 2 Australia - Page 61

Architect: xxxxxx Architect: xxxxxx Architect: xxxxxx Story by xxxxx Photography by xxxxx resources & images xxxxx at resoures & images xxxx at save & share xxxx at video of this project xxxxx at Architect: Richard Landry and William Mungall, Landry Design Group Interior design: Franco Vecchio Structural engineer: Manny Vlachos Engineering Cladding: Italian limestone, smooth plaster, customfabricated and finished metal Roofing: Kazemi & Associate Waterproofing Doors and windows: Sliding doors and swing doors by Fleetwood; operable windows and curtain wall system by Arcadia; fold and slide doors in living room by Panda; all in custom bronze finish or aluminium Flooring: Coastal Tile with Over The Top Terrazzo; Oak wood flooring and carpets by Contempo Flooring Wall coverings: Coastal Tile Italian limestone in custom pattern desi ۙY