Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 32 No 1 Australia - Page 43

Architect: Peter Willett, Peter Willett Associates Structural engineer: Randall Jones Builder: Maincorp Constructions Landscape designer: Garden Estate Landscaping Pool design and installation: Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners Roof tiles: New and existing Window/door joinery: Belgian suite in steel, from Skyrange Paint: Dulux Lighting: Zero 1 LED wall light in white from Artlight Kitchen bench: Calacatta marble, honed, from RMS Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Michael Nicholson see more images 47972 at search: renovations at search: historic home at to be dug as the earth in this area is very sandy and wouldn’t have supported the two-storey construction. As the land slopes here and the reworked garden was to be brought up to the ground level of the house, we were able to first excavate and add a series of subterranean service and storage spaces. “Essentially, you leave the garage and walk through the underground spaces to pop up on the new rear verandah.” To add the additional rooms, a new floor level was discreetly inserted under the existing roofline. The subtle external changes included an extension to the main ridge of the roof culminating in a large house-wide dormer at the rear. Other new dormers were added on the side of the house away from the street to optimise exposure to the sun. The new upstairs bedrooms and bathroom are designed to follow the angles of the roof. To keep the bedrooms uncluttered and timeless, storage space is integrated into a wall panel system which echoes the detailing downstairs. An upstairs veranda is set into the large rear dormer – this overlooks the repositioned pool, the new double garage, apartment, and garden. Facing page: Wooden stair treads and traditional-look panelling help merge the old with the new on the introduced stairwell. Top: This upstairs bedroom is tucked into one of the home’s new, over-sized roof gables. Storage is integrated into the panelling. Above: Situated at the front of the house, the new upstairs bathroom has high windows for privacy. search | save | share at