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Lacava says the Libera vanities are often teamed with the Zoom electronic faucets and matching soap dispensers. These faucets are fully automated, with motion sensors that switch the fixtures on and off. This not only conserves resources but also saves money on water bills. For this reason they frequently feature in airports, restaurants and hotels. Accessibility is another key benefit of the Libera vanity. Lacava says one client who installed the Libera vanity said it turned an inaccessible space into one that was “not only accessible but really beautiful.” Lacava designers collaborate with leading designers around the world. Together they help to define future bathroom styles for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. This ensures product collections are constantly changing and expanding. For more details, contact Lacava, Chicago IL, phone 888 522 2823. Email: Website: save & share 47077 at Facing page and above left: Libera vanities from Lacava are teamed with Zoom electronic faucets with motion sensors. Being ADA compliant, the vanities are well suited to commercial applications, including restaurant, airport and hotel bathrooms. Above: Zoom electronic faucets automatically turn on and off, so they minimise water wastage, and save money on water bills. search | save | share at