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helps define the work space visually and at the same time contributes to its functionality. “In a concrete apartment tower you are often restricted by solid, immovable ceilings that leave no room for services,” says the designer. “Introducing this feature provided an easy way to run air conditioning through the kitchen to central vents. It also provided space for the wiring for task lighting over the work areas.” No longer separate rooms, the open-plan kitchen and adjacent living and dining areas are now ideally set up for entertaining. They also provide unrestricted park and river views. resources & more images 46641 at more by this designer duffin at video about this kitchen 46642 at Above: The raised front cabinet on the island provides storage and shields kitchen clutter from the living spaces. The vibrant green colour calls to mind the colour of bamboo. Apart from a wine cabinet at one end, the island is appliance-free – it is used only for storage and as a buffet counter to serve the living and dining spaces beyond. Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Steve Ryan search | save | share at