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Preceding pages: Natalie Du Bois designed the sunburst pattern on the cabinetry based on an image the owners had seen in a magazine. Above: The handleless push-to-open latches on the rear wall make the wealth of cabinetry doors almost invisible. The 5m-long island is home to two 90cm-wide dishwashers. The owners had seen a sunburst pattern in a story in an Australian edition of Kitchen Trends and asked Du Bois to re-create it for them here. Other wow factors in the design include a tall bookcase with a ladder and a glass panel in the floor that offers a glimpse of the wine cellar on the level below. A high-tech feature of the design goes undetected – that is, until someone opens the cabinetry. While the 5m-long island contains two over-sized dishwashers, most of the kitchen’s functionality is tucked behind electronically operated cabinet doors. search | save | share at A light touch of a button opens a pantry with pull-out storage to the left of the refrigerator. Using a similar smooth-gliding operation, the horizontal bands above the cooking niche concertina up to reveal spacious cabinet interiors. With another touch, they close back down the same way. This kitchen extends beyond the footprint of the original. The patterned rear wall and bookcase both lead the eye upwards, drawing attention to the 3.5m-high ceiling. At the same time, the long, narrow design doesn’t impinge on the adjacent living spaces.