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Above: A palette of greys, stone and linear patterns, and bold midnight blue gives this kitchen a clean, modern look with an industrial edge. Introducing just a pop of colour, as seen here on the cabinetry, is one way to ensure your design is lively and won’t date. Right: Specifying desk furniture in a timber veneer creates a warm and welcoming space. Laminex has a range of tones and grains on offer. search | save | share at Besides a multitude of colours and patterns, different Laminex products bring their own individual character to an environment. For example, DiamondGloss® surfaces by Laminex offer a sleek, polished finish that gleams with modern refinement. If your preference is for a solid surface, Laminex Freestyle® surfaces, made from a durable blend of resins, will transform any space. Another eye-catching option comes in the form of the Laminex Impressions™ textured surfaces, which add dimension to an interior. An alluring combination of subtle texture and