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Hidden agenda Concealing a bin that can cope with a large family’s kitchen rubbish can be tricky – Hideaway Bins offer a smooth-gliding solution Where’s the bin? Hiding the rubbish receptacle has been the bane of the kitchen designer’s life. Thankfully, there’s a way forward that’s cleaner and fresher, with hands-free operation. A cabinet handle is all you encounter when clearing the decks with a Hideaway Bin, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen. “Hidden when not actually in use, the system has sturdy polypropylene buckets that glide under the bench, saving floor space and avoiding the need to touch the bin when cooking. Instead, you sweep waste off the bench straight into the bin. The system’s German soft-close runners over-extend for easy access. Their long reach means the rear bin can be removed independently from the front bin.” There are 15, 20, 40 and 50L Hideaway Bucket options available, with a twin 40L system ideal for larger families. The buckets have a holder to keep the bin liner in place and your hands clean, and there’s a friction-fitted lid for odour control. This has a Clinikill anti-bacterial powder coating, for hygiene and safety. The system can be used for rubbish and recycling. There are also Hideaway Bins fo r us e in the b athro o m or laun dr y. For further details, contact Hideaway Bins, freephone 1800 042 642. Or visit the website: save & share 46421 at Above: Never part of the scenery, Hideaway Bins keep kitchens looking clean and clutter-free. This kitchen features a twin 40L bucket configuration. search | save | share at