Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 31 No 12 Australia - Page 91

We removed this on the side where the tall cabinets were to go and found the modules perfectly matched the height of the adjoining soffit.” A second bank of cabinets tucked into a space at one end of the kitchen – again, as though they had always been there. However, the long island was adapted to fit the space, says Julia Walter of Boffi Georgetown. “The island was so long we were able to cut it in two and us part of it for cabinetry and a cantilevered table in the family room on the lower level.” Positioning the main island on the long axis of the kitchen ensures there is a clear passage to the outdoors. And it creates a highly functional galley kitchen that is easy to work in. Walter says the streamlined look of the lacquered cabinetry is also appropriate. With its high, deeply recessed stainless steel toekicks, the island appears to float, reinforcing the minimalist aesthetics. “But the key difference in this kitchen is the way everything is hidden. The cabinets conceal the ovens, refrigerator, washing machine and even a counter area with small appliances. The moment you close the doors, the kitchen is clean.” Top: Hardwood flooring laid on the diagonal is continuous with the adjoining dining room. Both the kitchen and dining room have clerestory windows and ceilings that follow the gabled roofline – the kitchen also has a skylight. Above: The tall bank of cabinets is exactly the same height as the existing soffit. Blue and green glassware is displayed on open shelves that were also part of the original Boffi kitchen. search | save | share at