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TRENDS INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS RECOGNISING EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN For more than 30 years, Trends has promoted great home design ideas through its print, digital and online media. The Trends International Design Awards – TIDAs – take that involvement to the next level with the search for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence. In this issue we congratulate the winner of our New Zealand Master Class Kitchen TIDA and feature two other of our TIDA kitchens. A large angled island made this kitchen a social hub and helped earn Mitsuori Architects a highly commended TIDA award 84Designer Melanie Craig's industrial-look farmhouse kitchen wins the New Zealand Master Class Kitchen TIDA 91This highly commended TIDA kitchen is designed so the owners can enjoy the view and also keep an eye on the kids proudly brought to you by the Kitchen Appliance Specialists search | save | share at