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Sleek and space saving Introducing a discreet in-wall cistern to your bathroom project has a number of advantages – a clean, contemporary look and more room are just two. Geberit has several options Concealed cisterns are an increasingly popular option for today’s bathrooms – offering a clean look, optimising available space, and hiding unsightly plumbing. Geberit hidden cisterns use the wall to house the cistern so the only thing on show is the minimalist flush plate. This turns a once space-hogging, unsightly element, into a discreet fashion statement. The versatility of in-wall cisterns also allows for a flush plate and toilet pan combination to set off any bathroom style. In addition, the buttons are able to be placed up to 3m away from the toilet, further adding to the flexibility of the design However, the benefits go beyond great looks, says Geberit’s national marketing manager Nora Stumpf. “The addition of a clean, modern inwall cistern is also a good investment with renovating a bathroom estimated to add around 3% to a home’s value. “And hygiene is another advantage. Geberit has created a touchless bathroom experience with a new electronic flush plate. The Sigma80 is a glass plate that search | save | share at operates with the wave of a hand.” Maintenance of Geberit’s in-wall cistern internals is easy to do – removing the flush plate provides room for repair. Contact Geberit, phone (02) 9889 7866 or visit the website: save & share 47271 at Above: Geberit’s understated, space-saving in-wall cisterns are an increasingly popular design solution with more than sixty million installed worldwide.