Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 31 No 12 Australia - Page 55

Just as the kitchen has become part of our wider living space, so bathrooms are no longer being considered in isolation or as self-contained rooms. More and more, bathrooms are being designed as part of a suite of spaces, linked to the bedroom, closet and dressing area. The suite shown here is on the second storey of a new coastal home designed by architect Gary Banham, and is a great example of the integration of spaces. The bedroom faces due west and so takes advantage of the wide ocean views, but has blackout blinds to control the amount of light or sun coming through the expansive windows. In keeping with the other interiors in the house, cabinetry in the master suite is designed to extend between different areas. So the headboard and bedroom cabinetry connect seamlessly to storage in the closet and dressing room. A sliding pocket door gives flexibility to the space – the bedroom can either be open to the rest of the suite or closed off to provide more privacy. Facing page: The main bedroom in this coastal home faces due west to make the most of the ocean views and evening sun. It connects through the closet area to the ensuite bathroom. Above and following pages: The bathroom opens to a small, second-storey balcony which is landscaped to maintain privacy and to screen out the rooftops of neighbouring properties. search | save | share at