Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 31 No 12 Australia - Page 38

Above: A swimming pool is positioned between the two living pavilions, alongside a covered terrace beside the kitchen. Swiss-manufactured ultra-fine aluminium sections in the glazing allow uninterrupted views through the house. Facing page: The 25m-long pool extends alongside the informal living area to lap up against the house. White elbow-beam posts establish a visual rhythm that casts changing shadow patterns on the interior and offer privacy from the neighbour. white Concept Click batten system, wraps up a pergola structure, then folds over the top to form a textural ceiling element that defines the main axis through the house. The ceiling runs from front to back, in and out of the house, to finally exit at the rear where it folds down a second pergola. “We articulated this ceiling to help connect the two pavilions,” says Steere. “It is almost like two arms pulling the family wings together. As well as having a distinctive visual aesthetic, the battens provide privacy on the exterior where search | save | share at they form a screen. They also provide sun shading to the terraces, help with acoustic insulation and conceal speakers and discreet lighting.” The dark zinc panelling on the exterior flows through into the house, forming a wall beside the formal living space and providing another close link between inside and out. But it is the central indoor-outdoor living zone that creates the strongest connection. Both pavilions open directly onto a large terrace and the pièce de résistance