Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 31 No 12 Australia - Page 23

Architect: Maria Arango, Diego Molina, Ong&Ong Builder: U.Sage Contracts Exterior cladding: Fair-faced concrete; granite from Polystone Flooring: Granite from Polystone Tiles: ACS from Futar Wallcovering: Armourcoat Paints: Nippon Lighting: Bizlink Associates Control systems: Jung Intercom; EIB System Bathroom vanity: Teak Shower fittings: Zucchetti Basin: Axor Massaud Taps: Axor Massaud Story by Paul Taylor Photography by Derek Swalwell; Jaume Albert Marti see more images 47730 at search ong at Left: The ground level living room opens to the landscaped garden and pool in front and the water courtyard in the background. The formal dining room is to the left on this level. The landscaped balcony on the level above runs in front of the master bedroom and family room.