Australia Trends Home Trends Volume 31 No 1 Australia - Page 83

homes, there is a separate wet kitchen. This is positioned behind the front kitchen, next to the spiral staircase. Decorative cement floor tiles help to anchor the room visually, and provide a link to the home’s past – they are replicas of traditional shophouse tiles. The tile pattern is repeated in the master suite on the top level of the house. Across the courtyard in the living space, the dining table is separated from the seating area by a large staircase. “This is another point of illumination,” says Molina. “Sunlight streams in from the skylights in the lantern roof directly above.” While the stair has a bold, sculptural contemporary form, its simplicity ensures it does not detract from the original shophouse features. resources & more images 46148 at Above left: Bifold doors open up the main living and dining space to the internal courtyard. see the rest of th