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kitchen also had a low ceiling to accommodate the lighting. But, fortunately the apartment didn’t appear to require major structural changes.” Working with co-designer Juan Gutierrez, the architect gutted the interior, replacing all the flooring with off-white porcelain tiles that create a flowing, uncluttered look. “These tiles also have the advantage of being highly reflective, so they bounce the light around the apartment. The large tiles are almost like mirrors on the floor.” The concrete slab ceilings and walls were painted in a similar shade to the floor. “The white palette creates a very calm, neutral backdrop, that doesn’t detract from the spectacular view,” Charalambous says. “Colour is provided by the view itself – mainly the blue of the water and the sky.” Contrasting textures also enliven the interior – sleek acrylic, glass, and smooth leather are contrasted with an animal skin rug, upholstered furniture and a textured wall. This features a white, Mid-century-sty