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Preceding pages: A soft white colour palette and sheer drapes give this apartment an ephemeral look. The interior was designed by ownerarchitect Andreas Charalambous. Above: With its corner position, the apartment provides expansive views in two directions, with the outlook equally dramatic by night or day. A corner sofa with a chaise is low enough to ensure views are not blocked from further back in the room. 66 When the owner-designer of this apartment came to Miami to help a client choose a new apartment, he didn’t expect he would end up purchasing an apartment himself. But that’s what happened to Washington, DC architect Andreas Charalambous of Forma Design, who fell in love with the city and could see a market potential for his business. search | save | share at “Miami is unique. It’s a very modern, international city – the number of Spanishspeaking residents is among the highest in the USA,” he says. “I made a commitment to fly down once a month for the business, and it made sense to have my own apartment.” The Modern architecture evident throughout the city strongly influenced the architect’s design for the interior of his apartment, which is in a building that dates back to the 1970s. Charalambous says that while the corner position and the spectacular views of the Miami skyline were engaging, the interior was very dated. “There was wall-to-wall carpet right through the apartment, and the kitchen looked as though nothing had changed since the ’70s – even the appliances were old. The