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Above: This guest bathroom features a split-granite wall, which has a bold organic form. The other walls and floor are in silver travertine marble. Right: Silver travertine also lines the master bathroom, although a darker stone was used for the floor of the shower and toilet room. The cantilevered vanity cabinets are teak. Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Derek Swalwell 36 which both feature walls and floors lined in silver travertine. In contrast to the smooth marble, the guest bathroom has a split granite wall behind the vanity, which gives the space a raw, organic look. This room is beside the entry to the house, so the designers added timber slats to the outside of the window, for privacy. Bathrooms throughout the house have cantilevered search | save | share at timber vanities and mirrored medicine cabinets. The master suite also features a large freestanding bathtub, which reinforces the sense of luxury evident at every turn. resources, images & plans 45565 at more by these architects o