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mountain. After receiving concept drawings from several architectural companies, they also chose the same architect for their new home – Francis Whitaker of Mason & Wales Architects. “The owners really appreciated the natural beauty of Queenstown, the lake, the mountains and the outdoor lifestyle on offer,” Whitaker says. “They also loved the alpine architecture of the Commonage villas, which is highly appropriate to this location. They could see that the new building site provided an opportunity to create something even more dramatic and exciting in a very powerful setting.” Preceding pages and above: This new house in Queenstown is set back into the hill to maximise a steep site. There are terraces on the mid level and the upper level. The gabled roofline, overhanging eaves and solid cedar exterior enhance the alpine architecture. Above left and left: The house sits on a schist stone plinth, which accommodates garaging and a formal entry. The schist also anchors the house to the land. search | save | share at 9