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24\r\n\r\n52\r\n\r\ncontents\r\n6\r\n\r\nPROJECT PORTFOLIO\r\nUp close and personal With its solid schist walls and wraparound roof, this\r\ncourtyard house embraces the family, while absorbing the sheer grandeur of the\r\nlandscape beyond\r\n\r\n84\r\nCover\r\n\r\n24\r\n\r\n8\r\n\r\nLine of sight Clean-lined and contemporary, this hillside home takes in estuary\r\noutlooks from most rooms\r\n\r\n16\r\n\r\nTIGHT SITES\r\nMeet the neighbours Turning the negatives of an awkward site into positives\r\nhas resulted in an unexpected design that welcomes visitors straight into the\r\nheart of this home\r\n\r\n34\r\n\r\nSound of water This lakeside home is shaped by its tricky site, the views and a\r\nquest for airy living spaces\r\n\r\n52\r\n\r\n26\r\n\r\nFar-sighted A new semi-detached house pushes the envelope to maximise\r\nindoor-outdoor living spaces and a great view\r\n\r\nSeamless connections between rooms and the outdoors\r\ndeļ¬ne this house by DeForest Architects. Turn to pages\r\n42-51. Photography by Benjamin Benschneider.\r\n\r\n42\r\n\r\nSUSTAINABLE LIVING\r\nWith a twist Designed to have an intimate connection to the rural landscape,\r\nthis house incorporates raw materials that have been left to warp and weather\r\n\r\n64\r\n\r\nTHE GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM\r\nOur country boasts some of the best residential architecture on the planet. This\r\nsection highlights the companies that design and make these remarkable homes\r\n\r\nTOP 30\r\nAUSTRALIAN\r\nNEW HOMES\r\n\r\nofficial media partners\r\n\r\n84\r\n\r\nOUTDOOR SPACES\r\nSummer days are on the way. These alfresco projects are as varied as they are\r\nwelcoming, with site, function and climate all playing their part\r\n\r\n100\r\n\r\nINDEX\r\n\r\n