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The bathroom is on one side of the suite, connecting through to the master bedroom with the meditation room, office and sitting room beyond. Sliding shoji screens were integral to the design, partitioning the areas to avoid a direct sightline from the bedroom to the office or meditation room. “The black-lacquered tea area, at one end of the meditation room, has a Bisazza mosaic splashback depicting cranes in flight before the rising sun,” says von Sturmer. “The Northern Star is set to the north within the tile square, which is inlaid in the pale timber floor.” Genuine tatami mats were imported for the meditation and tea room, and have been laid in a pattern said to bring good fortune. To enhance contemplation, a poem has been etched into the plaster wall above the black lacquer and marble prayer table. “Offset elements, singular features, and natural surfaces have all come together to create a serene, inspirational environment.” resource list | save | share | video Search 43945 at Facing page: A black lacquer tea cabinet features a mosaic splashback depicting cranes in flight. The dark cabinetry plays off the black marble prayer table in the meditation area. Above: With no sub-space available in the apartment, the designer had to build up the floor in order to be able to inset the tatami mats. Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Jamie Cobel search | save | share at 95