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Discreet advantage Durable, hygienic and valuable space-savers in an apartment kitchen, Hideaway Bins offer a simple way to avoid bench clutter Perhaps the most often used accessory in a kitchen is the rubbish bin. However, as well as being less than a showpiece, a bin can take up valuable space – a fact that’s most apparent in an apartment kitchen. The installation of a Hideaway Bin can transform the way your kitchen operates, says general manager Jamie Bertelsen. “Discreet and easy to use, Hideaway polypropylene buckets slide out of sight under the bench at a push, saving room and avoiding the need to reach down into cupboards to dispose of rubbish. And let’s face it, it’s easy to be lazy when it comes to kitchen clean-up, so the simplest way is also the most effective way to go about it.” The high-quality runners on Hideaway Bins over-extend so you can remove the rear bucket easily when two are installed – one for rubbish and one for recycling. A friction-fitted lid, with an advanced anti-bacterial Clinikill powder coating, is a feature of most Hideaway Bins. This protects against harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi for a safe kitchen. “It’s the focus on detail that makes Hideaway Bins a practical addition to any kitchen, big or small,” says Bertelsen. For details, contact Hideaway Bins, freephone 1800 042 642. Alternatively, visit the website: save | share Search 44622 at Above: Swept from sight – Hideaway Bins offer a hassle-free way to dispose of kitchen clutter or recycling with a light push of the finger. search | save | share at 79