Australia Kitchen and Bathroom Trends AU Kitchen and Bathroom Trends Vol. 30/8 - Page 8

Editor Kathleen Kinney – FROM THE PUBLISHER “Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.” This advice from expert cook and entertainer, Julia Child, is as relevant as ever, and perhaps extends to the size of your kitchen, too. @DavidJideas In this issue of Kitchen & Bathroom Trends we feature a range of projects – contemporary David Johnson and traditional – designed to cater to the joys of getting together with family and friends. With ample proportions and easy connections to living spaces, indoors and out, these kitchens are attuned to their surroundings and all the requirements of entertaining. Kitchens are also becoming more individualised, taking on the personality and preferences of their owners and enhancing the architectural style of the house. In our colours and materials section we look at a selection of dramatic projects that create vibrant backdrops to everyday living. Our bathrooms section focuses on sanctuaries – those havens of seclusion and relaxation that allow us to wash away the cares of the outside world. Once again, the colour and material combinations are sure to impress. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your new or renovated kitchen or bathroom, wondering which materials are best suited to your needs, or searching for a design scheme that is truly your own, you will find the solutions and more inside. Lastly, our Trends publications are also available as eBooks. This exponentially increases the potential audience for our featured designers and advertisers. Our readers benefit from the enhanced multimedia experience that eBooks provi FR