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Preceding pages and above: Traditional character defines this kitchen in a new house on the marshes of the Low Country in South Carolina. The owners and designers took their cue from the heritage architecture of the region, creating a house that appears to have been added onto over time. Right: A traditional stucco mix made from oyster shells and lime called tabby was used to create the large rangehood. 46 Kitchens are invariably at the centre of action in a holiday home – the place where you plan the day, and the fishing trips, and then gather to relax and prepare the catch at the end of the day. With adjoining family dining and living areas, it’s easy to include everyone in on the plans – and conversely it’s easy for everyone to pitch in and help with meal prep. search | save | share at This waterfront house, which sits on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, echoes the traditional architectural vernacular of the Low Country in South Carolina. Both its rustic styling and building materials reference this heritage. And it’s a theme that has been brought inside. Interior designer Gregory Vaughan says the owners Rick and Kathy Fairman wanted to embrace the local history, and they wanted the house to look as though it had evolved over time, much like a hunting lodge or fishing camp. “This project was also about bringing the outdoors inside,” says Vaughan. “For example, the large rangehood in the kitchen features tabby – this is an indigenous stucco material made from a mix of oyster shells and lime. It also